About us

We are a group of serial entrepreneurs, professors, and PhD’s in computer science, with a good network and extensive experience of tight cooperation with leading universities and institutes of research. Together, we have over a century of aggregated know-how about high-performance AI-driven information retrieval systems that serve business critical purposes.

At the core of Theca we believe that the way we navigate the Internet today is not how Internet was meant to be navigated when it first took shape. We believe that freedom, democracy and the right to be seen have been offset over the years. We are building solutions to address these issues.

Theca employee Michael Mokhberi

Michael Mokhberi


Theca employee Tom Jönsson

Tom Jönsson


Theca employee Joachim Karlsson

Joachim Karlsson

Product manager

Theca employee Rasmus Ros

Rasmus Ros

Senior Data Scientist

Theca employee Dimitris Paraschakis

Dimitris Paraschakis

Senior Data Scientist

Theca employee Joel Bäcker

Joel Bäcker

Software engineer