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As early as at the birth of the Internet, people were aware that it should be designed in a democratic and distributed way. A single force should not be able to own all the nodes, define the content of the nodes or decide how nodes link to each other, all with the aim of ensuring both the right to publish, but also the right to be seen. The philosophy behind the internet calls for freedom, democracy and diversity.

We believe that this philosohpy has been lost along the way.

We want to present an alternative solution to Internet search, based on technology that better adheres to the philosophy on which the Internet was founded, namely the elimination of centralized control and the distribution of the Search feature across the entire Internet.

how we want to solve it

Our goals


Create a solution which is built with the idea of distributing both power, responsibility and workload to not be depending on a central point

User centric

Users are treated as individuals and valuable user-centric data is re-used for an epic user journey

Universal & Dynamic

The web is built with a variety of solutions. By building the solution with no single scenario or backbone in mind we ensure the solution is usable by many

Secure and Private

Control and ownership of ones personal data belongs to you, not anyone else. By building the solution with privacy in mind we ensure users feel safe browsing the web

Project Nodejump

In real life we tend to go to a place and continue our journey from where you are. But in the digital world we are depending on going back to a central place to continue the journey. We have become so dependant on central points to find our next step. 

We are working on a way for people to continue their journey from where they are, and becoming less dependant on central points and actors.

Who we are


Michael Mokhberi


Customer relations

Tom Jönsson



Rasmus Ros

Data scientist

Data science

Joachim Karlsson

Product manager

Product development
Customer relations

Bengt Nilsson


Search and recommendations

Per Runeson


Software engineering
Software processes

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