The value we provide

» A new high ROAS, low effort marketing channel
» The increase of sales we deliver is incremental to all other traffic acquisition initiatives
» Easily installed, maintained and measured
» Turn isolated entities into a collaborative Ad network

What we do

We are a AIaaS company within the Adtech market space. 

We assist companies who are willing to collaborate to gain high quality traffic by enabling them to cycle traffic via Private Ad networks within their selected network(s), in a way that is easily and securely deployed, controlled and maintained.

Our service is particularly suitable for search-intensive and brand-driven segments such as DIY, Sports, Outdoor, fashion and home interiors.

Site-to-site illustration

How we do it

Our service are designed to easily dock into the information flow for advertising products on Google shopping and automatically create a unified ad inventory across the group. The Ad inventory is then easily accessible to all entities within a private Ad network.
Theca specialises on the search result page as Ad space inventory. Searches performed on an e-commerce site are generally transactional and a great source for understanding user intent. We use the search queries on site as input to find the most relevant Ads within the private Ad network. This is particularly useful when the products and services of interest are not available within the site’s assortment, but available through other entities within the network.
On top of the information delivered in Google Shopping files, we also crawl the full assortment on each site and structure all data into a normalised and unified data set, used for cross-site navigation. We use specialised generative AI for structuring and normalisation of unstructured data and for finding the most relevant Ads for each user intention.
Theca comes with a set of Apps for curation, measurement and experience management of traffic channels, enabling the team working with traffic acquisition to steer the traffic and continuously monitor results.
Theca is delivered as SaaS, with low footprint and integration efforts. The service is designed for linear scalability and prepared for easy clustering of multiple Ad networks who see good value in a collaboration.


We are favourably engaged by marketing officers and traffic acquisition executives, operating at group level at enterprises in ownership of multiple companies, preferably with contextually related services and products, where a significant part of the revenues is generated through performance marketing. Our service is particularly suitable for search-intensive and brand-driven segments such as DIY, Sports, Outdoor, fashion and home interiors.

One of our customers

BHG is one of the largest consumer e-commerce companies in the Nordics and one of the leading European online pure-play retailers within the Home Improvement space, meaning Do-It-Yourself and Home Furnishings. BHG serves its customers through a portfolio of over 100 different e-commerce sites, supported by physical destinations. This allows BHG the scale to generate the largest combined amount of web traffic and visits in the Nordics. Theca Systems assists BHG to recycle the traffic acquired into the group and boost ROAS by enabling the sites within the group to send highly relevant conversional traffic to each other.


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