We enable search in collaborative networks

Giving companies the ability to collaborate and gain high quality traffic by cycling traffic between partners

What we do

Theca assist companies who are willing to collaborate to gain high quality traffic by enabling them to cycle traffic via Private Ad networks within their selected network, in a way that is easily and securely deployed, controlled and maintained.

If a partner in a network is not able to fully serve a customer with a request, we enable other partners to assist. Never miss an opportunity again, increase sales and customer satisfaction within the network.

Our services are tailored for e-commerce groups and are particularly suitable for search-intensive and brand-driven segments such as DIY, Sports, Outdoor, fashion and home interiors.

Theca visualization to show Source to Destination traffic flow
Theca visualization to show how a page looks before solution
Theca visualization to show how a page looks after implementation

How we do it

The different stages


We conduct an in-depth analysis of your business and market segment, gathering comprehensive data that encompasses your industry, including your business, partners, competitors, influencers, and user-generated content.


We channel this data into our machine learning process, where we uncover connections between products, their intended purposes, ideal contexts, available alternatives, and more. This procedure culminates in the creation of a customized AI model, finely attuned to your specific requirements and preferences.


Next, we grant you access to our HTTP/JSON API. Typically, internal search queries are mirrored to our API, which in turn delivers pertinent Ads from your network as responses. This empowers you to capture every potential opportunity, guaranteeing your network never overlooks a potential sale again!


Ads delivered through our platform are tracked, measured, and subjected to in-depth analysis. This process offers real-time visibility into ad performance and provides actionable insights to refine your advertising strategy, enhance customer engagement, and uncover valuable overlaps within your network.


These insights seamlessly make their way into the subsequent data collection phase where they continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of the ads delivered. This dynamic feedback loop ensures that our ads benefits from the cumulative knowledge gained from previous iterations, resulting in more refined and impactful ad delivery.

Theca visualization to show step Learn including the Theca bird

Value provided

A novel marketing channel with a high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and minimal effort required

Sales complement all other traffic acquisition efforts, adding incremental growth

Effortless to install, hassle-free to maintain, and a breeze to measure

Transform isolated entities into a cohesive and collaborative network


We are favourably engaged by marketing officers and traffic acquisition executives, operating at group level at enterprises in ownership of multiple companies, preferably with contextually related services and products, where a significant part of the revenues is generated through performance marketing. Our service is particularly suitable for search-intensive and brand-driven segments such as DIY, Sports, Outdoor, fashion and home interiors.

One of our customers

BHG stands out as one of the Nordics’ premier consumer e-commerce giants and holds a top-tier position as a European online pure-play retailer in the Home Improvement sector, encompassing Do-It-Yourself and Home Furnishings. BHG serves its extensive customer base through a diverse portfolio of over 100 distinct e-commerce sites, complemented by physical store locations. This strategic approach grants BHG the capability to amass the most substantial collective web traffic and visits across the Nordics.

Theca Systems plays a pivotal role in supporting BHG’s traffic optimization efforts, facilitating the recycling of acquired traffic within the group. By enabling seamless cross-site traffic acquisition, we empower BHG’s individual sites to efficiently channel highly relevant, conversion-driven traffic to one another, thereby enhancing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).